Canada’s Largest Bitcoin ATM Network is Expanding into Australia

  • By Ian Cheeseman
  • October 18, 2023

[TORONTO, October 2023] - Localcoin, Canada's largest Bitcoin ATM company, has officially announced its international expansion to Australia. Demonstrating its commitment to this new market, the company will launch an initial set of 30 machines in key strategic locations starting this October.

This strategic move marks Localcoin's first move beyond North America, positioning it as a leader, not just in Canada but aiming to make a mark in the global cryptocurrency space.

Why Australia?

Australia's burgeoning interest in cryptocurrencies, along with its welcoming regulatory environment, makes it an ideal ground for Localcoin's expansion. With an ever-growing number of cryptocurrency users and enthusiasts, Australia represents a promising market where people are on the lookout for convenient and trustworthy platforms to buy and sell digital currencies.

Gearing Up for Expansion

While the initial launch will see 30+ Bitcoin ATMs set up, Localcoin has a much more ambitious plan for the Land Down Under. Localcoin aims to escalate its presence to around 120+ machines before the year ends. 

This bold vision underscores Localcoin's confidence in its superior technology, user-friendly interface, and dedication to providing secure and accessible crypto transactions for everyone.


What Sets Localcoin Apart?

In the dynamic realm of cryptocurrency, Localcoin stands out with its unique blend of innovation, strategic partnerships, and regulatory adherence. Our unwavering commitment to compliance is championed by a robust team that not only ensures security but also sets industry benchmarks. 

This dedication is further enriched by our key retail collaborations, amplifying accessibility for our users. 

But at our core is state-of-the-art technology, designed to provide a seamless and advanced crypto experience. Together, these elements exemplify Localcoin's mission to be a beacon of trust, convenience, and innovation in the crypto world.

Additionally, users of Localcoin ATMs often enjoy faster and more cost-effective transactions, making it a preferred choice for many in Canada. With its debut in Australia, residents can soon experience these advantages firsthand. Additionally, it's worth noting that Localcoin has already launched 40 Bitcoin ATMs in New South Wales, further expanding the accessibility of cryptocurrency transactions for the local community.

A Message from Localcoin

The President of Localcoin, Jay Pandher, spoke on the company’s excitement and reasoning behind the expansion.

“At Localcoin, it’s more than just expansion. It’s about sharing our deep-seated passion and unwavering commitment to the crypto ecosystem,” said Jay Pandher. “Australia is a dynamic market with immense potential, and we are eager to bring our wealth of growth and experience to this vibrant region.”

About Localcoin

Founded in 2017, Localcoin has cemented its position as Canada's largest Bitcoin ATM. With a focus on simplicity, security, and speed, Localcoin's mission has always been to provide every individual, whether a novice or an expert, with easy access to cryptocurrencies.

For Australian crypto enthusiasts, this expansion comes as exciting news, marking the intersection of Canadian expertise and Australian enthusiasm for digital currencies.

For more information contact, 

Naveed Ahmed

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