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A little about us

With the idea of bringing crypto to the masses, Localcoin was formed in 2017, aiming to provide anyone with the ability to achieve financial freedom. Localcoin has now become the country's largest Bitcoin ATM network, leading the industry towards a more accessible and inclusive future. In addition to empowering crypto users of all skill levels, we also prioritize the growth and development of our team members, allowing them to flourish alongside the company.

At Localcoin, our company's culture is as crucial to our success as our innovative business structure and products. We recognize that our team is at the forefront of our achievements and we appreciate their contributions every step of the way.


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Monthly Socials

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Flexible Hours

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Hybrid Workspace

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Exclusive Employee Discounts

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Access to Industry Events

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Health and Wellness Benefits

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Allowance Spend Accounts

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Competitive Compensation

Why Localcoin?

We love Crypto.

We believe that everyone should be able to own cryptocurrency and have a deep understanding of blockchain technology. You’ll have full access to Localcoin products to ensure your journey with cryptocurrency is seamless. That means you’ll be able to purchase cryptocurrencies supported by Localcoin below the Canadian market rate with zero fees! You’ll also gain insider access with discount coupons to products like our interact and the use of our ATMs nationwide! #lcinsider

We’re not just employees. We’re people.

We have a strong commitment to support our employees’ wellbeing both inside and outside of the office. We offer unlimited travel insurance so you can get that R&R worry free, a customizable health and wellness plan with all the bells and whistles including an annual allowance spend account, currently we are working remotely from home with a flexible schedule.


We’ll invest in your career.

Our company’s growing quickly, and we’ll give you the opportunity to do the same. You’ll have access to a number of professional development opportunities so that you can keep up with the company’s evolving needs and grow your career along the way.

An environment where everyone can thrive.

Our customers are nation-wide and diverse, so we’re building a team that is, too. Through initiatives like our company-wide teach and training days, opportunities to attend industry events, and allowing time for you to focus on self-development during the work day, we’re truly building an inclusive environment where people can bring their best selves to the office (or from home).

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