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In 2019, we became the first International Bitcoin ATM network in North America with over 150 ATMs that span across Canada and the U.S. We provide a recognizable and secure medium for customers to exchange cash for Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies by bringing physical infrastructure to the cryptocurrency market using the latest technology in our ATM machines.

When partnering with Localcoin, you benefit from our increasing brand awareness and many other factors including:


Generate Extra Revenue

Localcoin partners are compensated generously for hosting a Bitcoin ATM. Partners will receive payment directly to their bank account every month. Best of all, installation, upkeep and support is all handled by our team of experts. Apply now to start generating extra hassle free income.


Additional Customers Monthly

Increase the amount of foot traffic coming through your store. On average, Localcoin partners see an additional 150+ customers in their store every month. Maximize your revenue and reach an entirely new customer base by partnering with Localcoin.


Annual Budget to Market Your Store Location

Every Localcoin Bitcoin ATM location is aggressively marketed to allow customers to easily find an ATM. This means increased exposure of your store and a constant flow of new potential customers.

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