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Localcoin Is Now Canada’s Largest Bitcoin ATM Provider

Localcoin is now Canada’s largest Bitcoin ATM provider!

With 94 locations across the country, Localcoin has solidified its position as the premier Bitcoin ATM network in the nation! With terminals across Canada, Localcoin is determined to make purchasing cryptocurrency an easy and convenient experience.

We’re proud to be Canada’s most accessible Bitcoin ATM provider with terminals in 3 provinces: British Columbia, Ontario and Quebec. Spanning 9 major metropolitan areas made up by over 30 Cities, Localcoin serves a population of 18 million Canadians.  

We’re constantly striving to make a customer’s experience as seamless as possible. This is why we have adopted an aggressive expansion campaign, with the goal of reaching as many communities as possible!

While our network has expanded rapidly, we know that not everyone has the luxury of reliable transportation. This is why we want to plant a Bitcoin ATM in as many regions as we can. If your community is in need of a Bitcoin vending machine, please let us know! You can contact us 24/7 at [email protected], or you can call us 7 days a week, 9am - 9pm, toll-free, at 1-877-412-2646.

Figuring out how to get started in crypto is a huge barrier to entry for a large segment of the population. Do you use an online exchange? Will your bank let you buy Bitcoin? How do you set up a mobile wallet? These are all legitimate concerns that stop regular people from getting into Bitcoin.

For first-time buyers, a Bitcoin ATM simplifies the process and allows customers to purchase crypto in a familiar setting. Our goal since the beginning has been to make Bitcoin transactions a part of everyday life. Our journey from a single BATM to now, the largest provider in Canada, has been fuelled by your support and belief in cryptocurrencies. Localcoin will continue to provide a safe and secure method of purchasing bitcoins, while also respecting the privacy of our customers.

Feel free to contact us, and let us know how we can better serve your cryptocurrency needs!

Find a location near you, with the map below.

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