The State of Bitcoin ATM Market in Australia

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  • November 17, 2023

In 2023, the Australian Bitcoin ATM market has experienced unprecedented growth, establishing itself as a new and significant player in the crypto space. This significant advancement in Bitcoin ATM growth in Australia highlights the country's rapid adaptation to crypto ATM market trends.

The state of the Australian Bitcoin ATM market in 2023 signals a sector experiencing rapid growth, innovative developments, and significant regulatory changes, potentially pushing Australia to become a major part of the global cryptocurrency movement. The country's approach to embracing and integrating digital currencies indicates a promising future for the cryptocurrency sector, not just in Australia but globally.

This article delves into the latest developments, statistics, and market trends, underscoring Australia's pivotal role in the world of digital currencies.


Source: Coin ATM Radar

Unprecedented Market Expansion

Australia has recently surpassed Asia in the number of installed Bitcoin ATMs. This significant growth places Australia as the third largest country globally in terms of Bitcoin ATM installations. 

Since early 2023, Australia has been aggressively installing crypto ATMs, climbing from fifth to third in the global rankings in January alone​​​​, reflecting a burgeoning interest in cryptocurrencies. The Bitcoin ATM locations in Australia have expanded notably, particularly in major cities such as Melbourne and Sydney, signalling a wider Australian crypto ATM expansion, with each city having 68 and 61 ATMs respectively. 

Notably, the total number of Bitcoin ATMs has skyrocketed to 723, offering diverse services across various cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and more.

Innovation at the Forefront

January 2023 marked a milestone for Australia with Coolangatta welcoming its first Bitcoin ATM equipped with Lightning Network capabilities, showcasing the nation's dedication to technological advancements in the cryptocurrency realm. This move signifies a deeper commitment to enhancing user experiences and transaction efficiency in the Australian Bitcoin ATM network.

Regulatory Developments

The Australian government, led by Prime Minister Anthony Albanese, announced plans to improve the regulation of crypto services. This includes publishing a consultation paper intended to determine which digital assets will be subject to legal regulation and potentially introduce a new custody and licensing regime​​.

Also, leaked documents from the Treasury Department of Australia indicate that the country is preparing to introduce crypto legislation. The Australian government plans to release consultation papers in the second quarter of 2023, with final submissions to the Cabinet expected later in the year. This suggests that decisions on crypto legislation may be delayed until 2024​​​​​​.

Global Market Trends and Predictions

Despite a global downturn in the installation of cryptocurrency ATMs, Australia's growth trajectory stands in stark contrast. While experiencing a dip in installations, the global crypto ATM market is projected to flourish at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 51% from 2023 to 2028, potentially reaching a value of $581.01 million. This trend indicates a robust future for the cryptocurrency ATM market in Australia and worldwide.


Source: Coin ATM Radar

Australian Bitcoin ATM Operators

While Localcoin is the newest addition when it comes to Bitcoin ATM operators in Australia, it is also the fastest growing.

Within the first few months, the company has poised itself to become a major play within the region.

While the initial launch saw 50+ Bitcoin ATMs set up, Localcoin has a much more ambitious plan for Australia, aiming to escalate its presence to around 120+ machines before the year ends.

This bold vision underscores Localcoin's confidence in its superior technology, user-friendly interface, and dedication to providing secure and accessible crypto transactions for everyone.

Conclusion: A Look Towards the Future

In summary, the Australian Bitcoin ATM market in 2023 is marked by rapid growth and innovation, significant regulatory developments, and a strong position in the global context. Despite global challenges and a decline in installations worldwide, the market is projected to grow substantially in the coming years. This dynamic environment indicates both the opportunities and challenges within the cryptocurrency sector, particularly in the realm of crypto ATMs.


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