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Localcoin Expands to Alberta


Alberta Expansion Press Release

For Immediate Release – September 11, 2018

Localcoin, Canada’s premier cryptocurrency ATM service provider, is proud to announce the expansion of our ATM terminals in Alberta.

With the installation of 10 machines in Edmonton and Calgary, the new locations represent the start of province-wide expansion plans aimed at providing Albertans with greater access to digital currency.

“We have been observing the development of the blockchain sector in Alberta for quite some time now.” Says Jonathan Lam, “Cryptocurrency is thriving in Calgary and Edmonton, with a number of new blockchain companies choosing to operate out of the province. We decided that now was the right time to launch our ATM expansion in Alberta to help foster the adoption of cryptocurrency. We are incredibly proud to be a part of this rapidly developing ecosystem.”

Localcoin currently has over 120 digital currency ATM terminals serving customers across Canada. Moving forward, having solidified its place as the premier cryptocurrency ATM in the nation, Localcoin will continue its path to becoming the largest provider in the world.

Localcoin’s expansion of its cryptocurrency ATM terminals throughout Alberta, and the rest of the country will continue internationally. Starting in late 2018, Localcoin will be well positioned for its expansion into the United States and Asia.


About Localcoin: Localcoin is headquartered in Toronto, Ontario and was founded in 2016. It is Canada’s largest Bitcoin and altcoin ATM terminal service provider. The ongoing business goal of Localcoin is to provide its customers with a simplified and safe experience while buying and selling digital currencies. Localcoin is also dedicated to upholding customer privacy throughout Canada.


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